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Branding Irons

Branding Irons press a heated metal design against an object to create a permanent identifying mark, they're multi-purpose, and come in a variety of styles, designed around their method of heating. Popular uses include woodwork and leather to leave a maker's mark or company logo or indicate craftsmanship

If you're a BBQ enthusiasts, you can even brand steak!


  • Traditional fire-heated irons are inexpensive and can be used to brand wood, meat, leather or plastic.
  • Electric Branding Irons use a heating element and are perfect for marking wood and leather. They produce a consistent temperature, controlled by increasing or decreasing the flow of electricity.
  • Where electricity is unavailable, blowtorch branding irons use a continuous flow of propane to heat the branding head.

All our irons are:

  • Bespoke, made in the UK.
  • 3/4" thick for superior heat retention.
  • 3mm raised image to support clear branding.

Contact Us to find out more, or fill in an application form (below) for costing.

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All of our branding irons our bespoke.
Fill in the form (below) and we’ll be in touch for costing.


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